A timeless and enduring blue hue, PANTONE 19-4052 Classic Blue is elegant in its simplicity. Suggestive of the sky at dusk, the reassuring qualities of the thought-provoking PANTONE 19-4052 Classic Blue highlight our desire for a dependable and stable foundation on which to build as we cross the threshold into a new era.

Imprinted in our psyches as a restful color, PANTONE 19-4052 Classic Blue brings a sense of peace and tranquility to the human spirit, offering refuge. Aiding concentration and bringing laser like clarity, PANTONE 19-4052 Classic Blue re-centers our thoughts. A reflective blue tone, Classic Blue fosters resilience.

  • Pantone 19-4052 Classic Blue is from the Pantone Fashion, Home + Interiors colour library.
  • RGB:
  • HTML Web Design and Internet Publishing: HTML xxxxxx
  • Pantone Plastics Chips: xx-xx-xxxxxxx
  • Pantone Solid Colours in print: Closest match Pantone xxxxx.
  • Pantone CMYK: Closest matches not available.


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