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BS 4800F:2011 - Colour matching fan


BS 4800F:2011 Colour matching fan.

The BS 4800F colour matching fan contains all the colours specified in BS 4800:2011 , except black and white.

Black and white are not included, this is because the purity of colour achievable in different finishes is influenced very strongly by the type of pigmentation used and particularly by the nature of the medium.

BS 4800 has been updated to include 22 extra colours, mostly brighter colours reflecting the trend for the decoration of public buildings. The fan replaces the box of loose colour samples that supported the previous edition of BS 4800.

Each of the 120 colours is accurately reproduced on a separate leaf, contained within a U-shaped protective cover for easy reference.

The outer dimensions are approximately 160 mm x 60 mm x 35 mm.

An example of a BS4800F color is04 C 33, (Please note they are never written in any other format).