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BS 5252F:1976 Colour Matching Fan


The BS 5252F Colour Fan contains 64mm x 62mm patches of all of the 237 colours in the BS 5252 framework.

example of BS5252F colour – ’06 C 33′.

This British Standard establishes a framework within which 237 colours have been selected as the source for all building colour standards and the means of co-ordinating them. A colour is only standardised when it is included in another British Standard, such as those that have been derived for paints (BS 4800), vitreous enamel (BS 4900), plastics (BS 4901) and sheet and tile flooring (BS 4902).
Such standards contain only a proportion of the total colours in this British Standard, (BS) selected to meet design requirements within relevant technical and economic constraints.
The aim of this standard is to provide a basis for implementing the aims of colour co-ordination in the building industry, which are: – to bring the colours of building materials and finishes into a systematic relationship. – to combine economy in the number of colours used with sufficient flexibility for meeting design and technical requirements.