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Copic Classic 72 Piece Marker Set A


Great set with a variety of colours that are often used for design purposes. Great choice for starting your Copic experience.

Use the Copic Classic 72 Piece Marker Set A for Manga, Anime, product design, architecture, fashion design, comic illustration, automotive design and crafts.

The Copic Classic 72 Piece Marker Set A contains colours:

BV08 V06 V09 RV04 RV09 RV11 RV17 RV19 RV29 R02 R08 R27 R32 R37 YR00 YR04 YR07 YR09 YR14 YR18 YR23 YR24 Y06 Y11 Y13 Y15 Y21 Y26 Y95 Y97 Y91G91 Y97 Y91G G07 G17 G21 G28 G99 BG09 BG10 BG15 BG18 B05 B06 B14 B23 B26 B29 B32 B34 B37 B39 E09 E29 E33 E37 E44 C-1 C-3 C-5 C-7 C-9 W-1 W-3 W-5 W- 7 W-9 0 100 110

Originally created for fine art and design, Copic Classic Markers were developed back in 1987; but it wasn’t long before the Japanese comic industry (Manga & Anime) began using the markers, with stunning results. Now Copic markers are used around the Globe and receiving international acclaim.

Copic Classic markers are organised with the unique “Copic Colour System”, so that you can select colours intuitively. Once you understand Copic, you will quickly be able to figure out what the colour qualities of a marker are, just by reading the number on it’s cap.

  • Includes 72 colours including the #0 Colourless Blender.
  • Alcohol based ink.
  • Twin tipped with Broad and Fine nibs.
  • Original Square barrel.
  • Nine Interchangeable Nib options available.
  • Refillable.
  • Compatable with Copic Air Brushing System available.