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Munsell Bead Book of Color


The ability to classify and communicate a Munsell Bead colour easily allows for a greater understanding of the bead.

Why use the Munsell Bead Color Chart?

The colour of a bead can be used to tell a story about the bead itself.

Just like beads have special characteristics so do the colours used on and within the beads. The coloring of a bead can be used to indicate the region of the world that the bead is from and the types of materials used in the creation of the bead.

By providing a coherent set of comparison colours in use throughout the field, the charts enable beads, from one archaeological site or beaded object, to be accurately compared to beads found at another site or on a different object.

The Munsell Bead Color Charts with 176 of the most likely colours, offer a more portable solution to determining bead colours in the field, enabling you to rapidly zero in on colour matches. Provides an obvious benefit even if your organisation has the full Munsell Book of Color.