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Pantone 3 Light Booth - D65


Pantone 3 Light Booth provides the most consistent and reliable environment for evaluating products and prints.

Pantone 3 Light Booths look stylish in any work space and deliver reliable daylight, retail store and home lighting options that will help you adequately identify colour variations.

Colours can appear differently in various lighting environments, daylight, inside retail stores or in the. Manufacturers customers may have very specific lighting requirements when approving samples and problems cam occur. Evaluating colour accurately is paramount when making critical colour choices in industry and manufacturing. Errors and rejects can be costly and reflect poorly on your businesses quality control. So it’s time to shine some better light on your current colour assessment setup with a Pantone 3 Light Booth.

Simulate common environments with Daylight, “A” Tungsten, UV, Cool White Fluorescent (CWF) and TL84 lighting.


  • Daylight D50
  • Home “A” Tungsten
  • Store LT84
  • Consistent, industry standard fluorescent illumination.
  • Simulate daylight, home and store environments.
  • D65 dedicated light source option mainly for industrial applications.
  • “A” Tungsten Halogen home lighting simulation lamp.
  • TL84 store lighting simulation lamp options.
  • Identify troublesome metameric effects.
  • Neutral background for accurate colour viewing.
  • Sized to fit well into most work spaces.
  • Durable aluminium construction.
  • Powder-coated finish for stain and scratch resistance.
  • Easy to operate and maintain.
  • Shielded viewing area.
  • Hour counter.


  • Daylight: CIE D65 (6500K).
  • Store: Triphosphor – 840/TL84 (4000K).
  • Home: CIE Illuminant A (2856K).
  • Multi Voltage 100, 115, 127, and 230.
  • Munsell N7 paint finish.