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Pantone Coated Combo


Now with 294 new trend colours added, the Pantone Coated Combo contains the two most popular Pantone Coated guides in one set.

With two essential colour tools in one value Pantone set, the Pantone Coated Combo gives you the ultimate in graphics and multimedia colour inspiration.

The Pantone Formula Solid Gloss Guide is the must-have tool for designers, printers or anyone needing to control colour. Use the guide to specify or match any Pantone, PMS or solid colour on press, in graphic projects, logo design, branding or packaging.

The Pantone Colour Bridge Gloss Guide is a multi-purpose tool for printers, graphic designers and web masters. It is best used for determining how a solid colour will look when reproduced through four-colour printing process on coated materials, as well as a HTML value reference for digital media and web design.