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Pantone Plus Plastic Standard Chips Collection


The Pantone Plus Plastic Standard Chips Collection gives designers working in plastic a complete set of all 1,755 Pantone Plus colours.

The collection comes in three rotating carousel display towers, allowing easy colour location and chip replacement. Each tower has six modular tiers that can be easily removed when working with specific colour groupings. The polypropylene colour chips are in a large 75 x 47mm format and feature 1mm and 2mm tiered thicknesses for precise colour specification in the development of plastic products. The chips are glossy on the front, matte on the back and are referenced by the prefix “PQ”, followed by the applicable Pantone colour number; for example PQ-314C.

With the collection you also get a free Pantone Formula Guide Coated, giving the ability to cross match plastic colours with the Pantone Matching System used in graphics, printing and packaging.

  • Features all 1,755 Pantone Plus colours.
  • Includes a free Pantone Formula Guide Coated.
  • Large chips measure 75 x 47mm (3 x 1-7/8 inches).
  • Chips have both gloss and matte finishes.
  • Chips are in a two tiered thickness format of 1mm and 2mm.
  • Each chip is identified with the appropriate Pantone colour number prefixed by “PQ”.
  • Polypropylene substrate closely aligns with common production materials.
  • Each chip includes hole in top corner to enable palette grouping on rings.
  • Pigment formulations included.
  • Individual Pantone Plastic Chips are available for communication, specification or replacement.