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RAL D2 Design plus Colour Chart


The RAL Design D2 colour fan has been supplemented by 200 mainly bright colours and now also contains colour names.

RAL Design System plus is used by colour producers and colour planners worldwide.

It is at once a creative and scientific tool. The direct connection between measurement-technology and colour identification makes it act as a broker between engineer and creatives. RAL Colour planner and designer estimate the wide range and the equal distribution of the colour samples in the colour space.

There is also an additional fan with color names and color codes in English, French, Russian and Chinese.

A total of 1.825 RAL DESIGN colours in one fan.

  • Fan format 5 x 29 cm
  • Colour illustration 5 x 2,5 cm
  • Surface semi matte
  • Array to Hue, Lightness, Chroma
  • Sortation per colour from light to dark
  • Includes 16 neutral shades of grey from nearly white to black (000 90 00 bis 000 15 00)
  • Delivery in a cardboard protection box with a magnet fastener.

The RAL Design Fan does not contain the RAL Classic colours in the K7 and K5 fans. There are two different colour systems with different colours and colour codes. Please note that RAL products with code D are always Design colours while code K products are the Classic colours.